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As an expert in the development and care of infants and toddlers, I speak at conferences and teach courses and workshops around the world.

Introducing clients and students to RIE®’s life-changing principles and helping them integrate these new approaches into their daily lives with their children (or the children in their care) is my passion and life’s work.

I know for certain that becoming a more confident parent and creating a peaceful home environment during your child’s early, formative years will positively and powerfully impact the relationship you have with them throughout their entire childhood, adolescence and beyond.

upcoming workshops & courses

previous and upcoming engagements

 Parents Learning Hall / Beijing, China
 RIE® Infant/Toddler Conference / New Zealand

Seattle Infant/Toddler Conference / Seattle, WA
Southeastern Conference on Child Development and Early Education / Charleston, SC
Early Educators’ Progressive Education Luncheon / Los Angeles, CA
RIE® Infant/Toddler Conferences / Los Angeles, CA

Confident Baby™ Workshop
• Beijing, China
• Dalian, China
• London, England
Los Angeles, CA

Peaceful Toddler™ Workshop
• Brooklyn, NY / Grand St. Early Head Start
• London, England
 Los Angeles, CA
• Taipei City, Taiwan
• Xiamen, China

RIE® Workshops 
 Beijing, China
 London, England

Poole, England
Newbury, MA
Wakefield, MA
Los Angeles, CA / Loyola Marymount University Child Care Center
Los Angeles, CA / UCLA Fernald Child Care Center 
Los Angeles, CA / Universal Studios Child Care Center
• Los Angeles, CA / Various private parent groups
Palos Verdes, CA / Palos Verdes Moms Club
West Hollywood, CA / West Hollywood Moms Club

RIE® Foundations: Theory & Observation™ Courses
New York, NY / August, 2018
 Birmingham, England / May 2018
 London, England / June 2017
 Beijing, China / April 2017
 Beijing, China / January 2017
 Beijing, China / October 2016

New York, NY / August 2016
London, England / July 2016
Brooklyn, NY / Grand St. Early Head Start / June 2016
Los Angeles, CA / January 2016
London, England / October 2015
New York, NY / August 2015
Poole, England / March 2015
New York, NY / August 2014